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Singer, Co-founder, and Brand Marketing Team Member at StratifyDigital Agency

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Journey as an influencer marketer

1. What got you into influencer marketing?

Well, it's a bit of a wild ride, actually. I started off as a social media manager, for a small agency based in London. This was the time when TikTok was Homie getting started and brands were beginning to realise the immense value of creators to drive sales.

Intrigued, I decided to explore this space a little bit by trying some of these strategies for a few brands - the results were tremendous. From then on, I was ordained as an expert on influencers and have been in this exciting world ever since.

2. How has your role as an influencer marketer shaped up over time?

Oh, it's been quite a journey. Initially, it was simply about finding 10 relevant creators to create content for your product. Over the years, the art has acquired elements of science - there is more data, more tracking and a stronger focus on RoI. Even the tools available have increased. Newer formats like short video and newer platforms like TikTok have emerged. The rapid change keeps the space exciting.

3. Can you describe a memorable or successful influencer marketing campaign? What made it special and successful?

Sure thing! One campaign that stands out was when I teamed up with a history loving influencer for a heritage preservation project. What made it shine was the influencer's genuine passion for history and our brand.

That authenticity created a deep connection with the audience, resulting in tons of engagement. The secret sauce? Authentic storytelling and a heartfelt connection to the cause.

Operating as an Influencer Marketer

1. What are the top 3 KPIs for an influencer marketing manager?

The key metrics for us influencer marketers are engagement rate, conversion rate, and return on investment (ROI). These are like our North Star, helping us measure how well influencer collaborations are hitting the mark.

2. How do you structure your influencer marketing efforts: internal team, freelancers, or agencies?

It's a bit of a mix. We've got our internal squad handling strategy and coordination, and then we team up with specialized influencer marketing agencies for execution.

3. Any go-to software tools you use for influencer campaigns?

Absolutely! We rely on platforms like AspireIQ for finding the right influencers and Hootsuite to keep our social media game strong. Tools like Google Analytics are our trusty sidekicks for measuring the impact of our campaigns. But honestly, 90% of the work still happens on email, imessage and google sheets.

4. What would a 'Salesforce for influencer marketing' look like, in your opinion?

f I had to envision it, this dedicated influencer marketing platform would be a one-stop shop. It'd help us discover influencers, manage campaigns, track real-time analytics, and keep tabs on compliance. Most importantly, it'd make communication between brands and influencers seamless.

Pain Points as an Influencer Marketer

1. What's the toughest part about managing influencer marketing at scale?

Scaling influencer marketing can be quite the puzzle. You've got to pick the right influencers, keep that authentic vibe, and track performance across a diverse set of influencers. It's like juggling multiple balls simultaneously.

2. Top three pain points when running scaled influencer campaigns?

Oh, the pain points include negotiations with multiple influencers and staying on top of compliance requirements. Campaign reporting is another big pain point even in today’s time we use screenshots to measure campaign performance - if you have something that can help me solve this, please let me know.

Future of Influencer Marketing

1. What's on the horizon for influencer marketing?

Looking ahead, the big opportunity is the continued growth of influencer marketing as a trusted way for brands to connect authentically with their audience. As traditional digital advertising like FB/Google gets expensive and search volumes move to social media, creators will become an important source of brand discovery and trust for consumers. As a result, I can only see the share of influencer marketing in brand budgets continue to grow.

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